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Thursday, October 7, 2010

OH Mannnn...

Okay, so I'm at Mission Day yesterday and my phone rings. It's Beanie's school. I answer and the school secretary says Beanie has a bad stomach ache and she wants to come home. No vomiting or anything like that... Yet.

So I leave Mission Day and hightail it over to pick up my sick baby. She is sad-faced, sitting in the office. I sign her out and we head for the door.

When we get outside, Beanie looks at me and says, "mommy, I have to tell you something." She starts crying. Holy crap, something is REALLY wrong here.

She starts telling me that she saw, posted on her new principal's door, a newspaper clipping of her (principal) being handcuffed and taken away to jail. Beanie continued to tell me (through sobbing tears) that she really didn't have a stomach ache...that she was scared and didn't know what to do, and wanted me to come and take her home where she was safe. She said that her principal was arrested for murdering one of her students at her old school and that she was only in jail for one day. She said that she told her friends at school what she saw and her friends said they were going to call the cops. One friend's dad is a police officer and she said she would tell her dad when she got home.

I looked at her and said, "there's no way..." I grabbed my iPad and Googled my heart out. Nothing. I asked Beanie for more info, and she said that's all there was. That she had been arrested and that the school raised $700 to post bail.

Something smelled fishy.

So I calmed her down best I could and told her that I would call the secretary. I did, and explained to her what was wrong, that Beanie saw something on the principal's door and it scared her. The secretary thought for a minute...

"Oh my goodness..." she said, "the principal did a fundraiser at her old school for MS. They 'arrested' her and the students had to raise money to get her out of 'jail'".


So I thanked the secretary, asked her to address this with the other students, and hung up. I then asked Beanie if she read anything else on the clip under the picture. She said just that her principal was arrested for murdering a student (maybe it was funny to her last school, but not to kids that don't know her yet) and that her students raised money to get her out. I explained to Beanie what it was and she just stared at me.

"THAT'S STUPID!!!!! WHY THE HECK WOULD THEY DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT???????" she yelled. She's humiliated and was highly embarrassed to go back to school today.

So my baby has now learned a valuable lesson in tainted journalism. And in alternative fundraising.


  1. *snicker* Don't ever let her listen to Mike's song "Cafeteria Lady"!

  2. HE HE HE :-D

    I seriously didn't know if I was going to laugh my butt off or demand the picture be taken down. I opted for middle of the road parental poker face and laughed my butt off when the kids went to bed.