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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Well, hello there!

I know, it's been a while. Life has been so crazy, it's been tough to keep my head above water, let alone write on my blog.

Soooo...what's new?

I finished my summer classes, still carrying a 4.0. I'm psyched. My goal is to graduate with a 4.0 and my Master's degree. In the immortal (?) words of Big Time Rush, "I'm half-way there!"

(giggle, snort)

Christine and I are heading out to Philly on the 29th for the Ukrainian Orthodox League convention. I truly am excited. We had so much fun last year, seeing old friends and polka-ing the night away (see my blog entry from last July). This year is a special reunion for all Jr. UOLers from years gone by. I'm excited to see folks I haven't seen in decades (gah, why did I put it that way?) and renew old friendships. It's going to be fun to see who is going to be there and what they have been up to these past 20 years.

Beanie is at theater camp, and they are performing 101 Dalmatians. She's a boxer. First time she's won a part that has lines! She is so excited! I'm just glad that she is having a good time and isn't spending these two weeks parked in front of the computer screen. Or the TV.

Well, that's it folks. With a life as packed as mine is, there isn't much time for momentous ramblings. But I'm sure I'll think of something. LOL!

Happy Summer!