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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My birthday

I have to say that this year's birthday was a good one. Shock and awe. Was wished a happy birthday first thing in the morning. That was a great departure from previous years when it was either completely ignored or forgotten. I went to church and our priest led everyone in singing Mnohaya Lita (many happy years) for me AND Happy Birthday. I typically don't like people making a fuss over me too much, so I normally don't say anything about my birthday to anyone at church. Thanks to Facebook, everyone knew and they sang for me. I felt the huge love behind it, so it was worth the tearful moment of embarrassment. LOL! I came home and there was a present for me (first season of True Blood on DVD) and cards and a cake. Dinner was made (frozen pizza, but I am NOT complaining) and the kids fell asleep early. I had the night off! WOW. Aside from a bit of schoolwork, I was a free woman! :-D Oh, and BTW, 57 people wished me happy birthday on FB, which REALLY made my day. :-) And yes, I thanked each and every one of them individually. It meant a lot to me that people took the time to say happy birthday and it is only right for me to say thanks.

So being 39 isn't so bad. I'm going to enjoy this last year of pre-middle-agedness ahead of me before I'm really a grownup at 40. GAH...40. But that's still 362 days in the future and I still have 362 days left to enjoy the last year of my 30s.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Why, oh why did I agree to this grad school madness? Why is it that every other sane person in this world, and in this program, has not one iota of difficulty with this? Why does everyone else post these eloquent masterpiece posts, while mine look like a doddering idiot wrote them? I frigging used the X FILES as an example in one of my latest posts, answering a question on truth. It said:

Maybe I'm dating myself here, but the phrase "The Truth is Out There" reminds me of the '90s television show, The X Files which, I believe, makes analogies here that I can use to speak to this prompt. The premise of the show was that two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, sought to prove and alternatively disprove the theory of the existance of paranormal activity. Agent Mulder theorized, based upon personal experience and collected evidence, that paranormal activity existed. Agent Scully, on the other hand, sought to disprove Mulder's theories (based on her own beliefs) and was unable to see the parallels between what they encountered (evidence) and Mulder's theories. Her personal beliefs (or disbeliefs) got in the way of her seeing what Mulder viewed as the truth. Eventually, Mulder was able to convince Scully that his theory was true. The truth was out there for him, he knew what it was, but it took a while for him to prove it. And in the end, reshaped what Scully saw as the truth.

The same holds true in real life. I agree that there is truth out there, but it is relative to the person seeking it and, therefore, impossible to prove conclusively to everyone. Even scientific theory cannot present absolute truths. There is always another means of testing, another antidote, another species found that can alter or disprove a truth.

Personal prejudices and beliefs sometimes get in the way of finding a truth, or can alter it. Be it a personal belief or someone else's. Conversely, the same prejudices and beliefs can, in essence, become truth to the person holding them and, through the use of effective communication or propaganda, can become a widespread truth to the people hearing it.

Am I freaking insane? My professor has yet to comment, but I've noticed a few other people referencing TV shows from Dinosaurs to Hawaii 5-0. Hmm...am I starting a trend? Or just so insane that the other insane people are following me? LOL.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hello there, it's been a while...

Beanie performing her lines at the PMT showcase
at the Byham Theater in May, 2010

The craziness of school starting is finally starting to wind down and fall activities are kicking into full swing. So before I start blogging about my experiences with Pittsburgh Musical Theater, Kyiv Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, Band and the myriad other activities the kiddos partake in, I thought I'd write a quickstart guide to my life outside of summer vacay.

My stuff:
Aside from the day-to-day work stuff, house stuff and personal grooming, I've begun a graduate program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania in Communciation Studies. I'm three days into the program and am confident that I can do this. Homework at lunchtime, while Beanie is doing HER homework and in bed at night should work. Did I mention the EIGHT papers I have to write this semester? Two 20 pagers and 6 smaller papers. GULP. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this...Eyes On the Prize, baby...

Beanie's activities:
Pittsburgh Musical Theater
Beanie takes classes all day on Saturdays with PMT (she's been with them since she was 6). It's an excellent training ground for aspiring performers (and aspiring kids in general) in musical theater, dance, voice and acting. They produce broadway performers, professional actors and, more importantly, generations of children who are poised, cooperative, graceful, confident people who are natural public speakers. They perform their end of the semester showcases (like a recital) twice per year at the Byham, in front of a crowd of nearly 1,000 people. Last year was her first show and she was a villager/rich person in Once On This Island at the Hazlett Theater. She loved every minute of it, despite the I-N-T-E-N-S-E rehearsal schedule. PMT is amazing in that they attract incredible talent, hone it, and use it in amazing ways to produce professional-level productions in the Cultural District (namely, the Byham and the Hazlett theaters). They give their students amazing opportunities and I'm so very grateful to them for the experiences they have provided to Beanie. She has opened up more, grown as a person, become more graceful and vocal and understands dedication and hard work more than I could have ever taught her. This year is a BIG season, the 20th anniversary, and they are going to do some HUGE productions...Phantom, Hairspray, Cats, Seussical, and Beauty and the Beast. Auditions will be in a few weeks and Beanie's working hard on her audition piece.

Kyiv Ukrainian Dance
Beanie is a Ukrainian dancer. I was a Ukrainian dancer. My mom was a Ukrainian dancer. My grandmother was a Ukrainian dancer. Beanie is the FOURTH generation to learn and perform with this amazing folk dance group. I can't tell you how incredible it makes me feel to know that my children are learning about their heritage and carrying on a family legacy. Budgie is starting dance this year, as well. The athleticism involved with Ukrainian dance, especially for the guys, will truly help him with his sports.

Beanie decided that she wants to be in the school band. W00T. She wants to play the flute, which means that there will be practice every night, added on to her 40 minutes of homework per night. Yee haw. Can't wait for THIS one. We are going to do our homework together every night and I can see it now...

My reading: And the crux of the juxtaposition of the perpendicular pretenses


My reading: and the horticultural bias of the nanobots


My reading: in the hemispherical stratosphere is non-negotiable


My reading: in many non-isopheric horcruxes.

Beanie: MOMMMM How do you empty the spit, again?

Did I ever tell you that I have an aversion to spit?

Yeah, this is gonna be FUNNNNNN!!!

So until next week when all this craziness starts, I'll be enjoying my last few minutes of freedom...and my last frozen margarita of the summer this weekend.

Have a happy Labor Day, everyone.