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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My birthday

I have to say that this year's birthday was a good one. Shock and awe. Was wished a happy birthday first thing in the morning. That was a great departure from previous years when it was either completely ignored or forgotten. I went to church and our priest led everyone in singing Mnohaya Lita (many happy years) for me AND Happy Birthday. I typically don't like people making a fuss over me too much, so I normally don't say anything about my birthday to anyone at church. Thanks to Facebook, everyone knew and they sang for me. I felt the huge love behind it, so it was worth the tearful moment of embarrassment. LOL! I came home and there was a present for me (first season of True Blood on DVD) and cards and a cake. Dinner was made (frozen pizza, but I am NOT complaining) and the kids fell asleep early. I had the night off! WOW. Aside from a bit of schoolwork, I was a free woman! :-D Oh, and BTW, 57 people wished me happy birthday on FB, which REALLY made my day. :-) And yes, I thanked each and every one of them individually. It meant a lot to me that people took the time to say happy birthday and it is only right for me to say thanks.

So being 39 isn't so bad. I'm going to enjoy this last year of pre-middle-agedness ahead of me before I'm really a grownup at 40. GAH...40. But that's still 362 days in the future and I still have 362 days left to enjoy the last year of my 30s.

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