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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Painting the Country Red...

As a conservative, I am quite happy about yesterday's election results. HOWEVER I'm a bit concerned about them, as well. The Tea Party really showed itself to be a powerful force on election day. Keep the momentum moving. Don't cave. Don't let the mindless politicians who are completely disconnected from reality take control again. Let people know that there are ways to affect change, and socialism isn't it.

I can totally see the Tea Party becoming a viable third party and putting forth its own candidates in the near future (maybe even the next Presidential election). All I have to say is good job Tea Party guys and gals. Thanks for going out there and protesting when I didn't have the nerve. And thanks for helping to affect real change on this country. There is a swelling of pride in our country thanks to you and I think that things are going to start getting better very soon. Probably not 100% better, but better nonetheless.

Kisses on your heads, Tea Party. Muah. You rock.

Another topic is that of my friend, Melissa Haluszczak. She ran for Congress in Pennsylvania's 14th district. She lost with only 28% of the vote. HOWEVER...she WON 28% of the vote. In a region that is VERY Democratic and VERY liberal. In a completely grassroots campaign with very little funds, Melissa got out there and worked her butt off for every single one of those votes. I'm proud of Melissa, and what she's done. I hope she doesn't give up on a political career in the future.


  1. Tea Parties aren't so much a protest, as a party with other like minded, freedom loving people. You should go to one. You'll have fun!

  2. And we don't want a third party. We want the GOP to clean house, and stick to conservative values.

  3. So why not start a third party? True conservatives. No more RINOs or two-faced jerks. Just conservatives. It will take the stigma away from being involved in the Dem/Rep parties. Not all Dems are libs and not all Reps are conservative. Having a third party will allow the true conservatives to have their own voice.