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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movie Star For a Day

Yesterday, my friend Greg asked me if he could "borrow" Budgie for a video he's shooting. There is a Covey seminar at Cal U next week and the focus is on education. The video will focus on why to teach kids the 7 Habits early in life, so they grow up with them. Great. So Matt rearranged his work schedule so he could bring Budgie and Beanie down for the shoot.

Amazingly enough, eight four-year-old kids were picture-perfect during the entire shoot. Budgie listened to directions, paid attention and was hamming it up for the camera like nobody's business. He loved the attention!

After the main shoot, we took four of the boys (Budgie, Greg's son, co-worker Justin's son and Greg's neighbor's son) to the Emeriti Fountain on campus and let them run wild. They had an absolute BLAST!!! They ran through the fountain, splashing each other, sitting on the spray and "washing their butts" (boys will be boys...) and generally being hams for the camera. It was so much fun to watch them acting so crazy.

Seriously, it's times like these (when my kids get to do really cool things like videos and photo shoots) that I really LOVE what I do. Something neat for them to remember doing, that they can tell THEIR kids about. Beanie did a photo shoot for Idlewild when she was 4 and now Budgie will be in a video for Cal U when HE'S 4.

As Matt pulled the kids away from the fountain and towards the car, Budgie called out to me, "HEY MOM!!! YOU have the coolest work EVER!!!" His exclamation was met with laughter from the folks walking through the quad. I guess to him, my work is toys and video shoots and playing in the fountain on a hot summer day. 

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