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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Volleyball Woes

Beanie decided this summer that she wanted to try volleyball this school year.


Did I ever tell you that Beanie has as much athletic ability as I do?

Go ahead, laugh out loud.

Beanie is very much her mother's daughter. That girl can SING. She's a natural actress. She can Ukrainian dance like a champ. But the ONE thing she can NOT do is anything involving a ball. Srsly. She repels spherically-shaped, inflated vinyl. Don't worry, Kid...I think your great-great grandfather sucked up all the athleticism in the family to catch for the Pirates and it just hasn't come back in its entirety yet. Budgie, on the other hand, must have gotten a bit from his father's side of the family 'cause that's my sporto...

Anyway, Beanie decided she wanted to play volleyball at school this year. Talked to the lady in charge and she said that Catholic school rules differ a bit from public schools and there really isn't a "tryout", everyone that wants to play, plays. MMMMMkay. So I told the lady yesterday about Beanie's musical theater stuff and her Ukrainian dance (Monday nights from September through July). Of course the games are Mondays and Wednesdays from September through October. Just the 4 day per week, 4 + hours per day rehearsals (7 or 8 hours on Sundays) for Phantom AND her all-day Saturday PMT class schedule would eliminate her from being able to participate.

Even if she didn't do PMT this year, missing one of the two games per week for Ukrainian dance would be an issue. sigh. This person was very pushy about Larissa playing (of course, because it's her daughter's last year and she doesn't want to see the program die before her daughter can have a glorious swan song of a season) and said that they could work with her. Um, woman, what part of "my kid can't physically make practice with her other activities, so back off" don't you understand? GAH! I agreed to be kept on the email list and got off the phone.

So I approached Beanie with a choice. Stick with PMT and Kyiv, or try something new. I told her I know what my preference would be (didn't say what that preference WAS), but I would stand by any decision she made. She started crying and said, "I will stick with PMT". She was crushed that she couldn't add another activity to her schedule, but I warned her this may happen.

I am proud of her for sticking through with the PMT stuff, and the Ukie dance stuff, but at the same time I'm a bit sad that she can't try something new. Something she may have liked, spherical vinyl object repulsion aside.

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